About me

About me


Straight outta Gifhorn, Germany, Kanne38 has carved out a name for himself as a boombap beat virtuoso. His foray into Hip-Hop began in the early 2000s, diving deep into the culture by penning his first rap lyrics and spending nights with his crew, leaving their mark with graffiti. In 2008, his musical journey took a pivotal turn when a friend handed him Fruity Loops 7. That was the beginning of his beat-making adventure, with his first creations serving as a canvas for his raps.

In the following years, Kanne38 focused more on his rap style, joining a crew and organizing the „Flavour Jam“ event series. These events were a platform for local artists to shine and share their passion for Hip-Hop. 

However, in 2014, the game changed once again when he acquired a Maschine MK1 Mikro. This rekindled his love for beat production, and he began to build his setup piece by piece.

Nowadays, his studio is equipped with AKAI MPCs, various SP-404s, a Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK, and other essential gear. His beats are a unique blend of gritty boombap rhythms and authentic Hip-Hop vibes, embodying his years of experience and passion. Kanne38’s music is more than just beats; it’s a journey through his life in Hip-Hop, a testament to his relentless dedication and artistic growth.